We are very excited to announce that STER-KINEKOR will be releasing Discreet on the

14th of November 2008 at cinemas countrywide!

Where we're at...

With the cut finally being locked, we're able to move onto the last (well almost) and polishing stages of the film.We will be grading the film with the help of a company called TINT who are familiar with the progressive technology we used to film Discreet.
At the same time, we will be scoring music for the film and doing the sound edit with the help of local composer Alun Richards from Cut & Paste Generation.We are very excited to have these two exceptional talents working on the film and believe they will continue to raise the bar of excellence which Discreet has been striving to reach from the first day of pre-production.

The Cut is locked...!

Yes, believe it cos it's not a lie, Discreet has finally reached picture lock stage (which is to stay that the picture is now finally edited to completion).

It has been a long and arduos process which Stefan and Josh have slogged through. It's been worth it though as we believe the final version of the film is looking great.

The two test screenings were obviously a great help and supplied us with valuable feedback as to how best meet the audiences expectations for the film. Ster-Kinekor are very pleased with how the film is looking (as are we) and can't wait to put it on the big screen!

Test Screening...

A vital part of any film-making process is gauging audience response and the best way to do this is through test screenings.

Earlier in the year, Discreet was shown at two independent test screenings in Jhb and audiences were asked to fill in feedback forms about the movie.

We are proud to say that on average, the film scored an 80% favourable response across all age and sex groups. Needless to say, Ster-Kinekor, were very happy with this result and believes that it bodes well for the film's release later in the year!