DISCREET is now available to rent at your local video store. It's being stocked at hundreds of stores countrywide as well as the big chains like Mr Video and Blockbusters. If you don't see it at your local store, please request it.

Click on the link to the new DISCREET website to view clips of the Bonus Features on the DVD - www.discreetthemovie.com
See the behind the scenes of the photo shoot, the DISCREET premiere and view the movie with the audio commentary by director, Joshua Rous and James and Anel Alexander.
The DVD will be available for purchase on the 10th of July.



Rous raises the bar for local film productions by turning in an elegant product...

Theresa Smith (The Star – Tonight Section )

‘It has a simple self-confidence and total lack of amateurishness that bodes well for the careers of its makers,

while standing at a remove from the kinds of films South Africans are often told we should be making.

Discreet is unusual and courageous, as well as gripping.’

Shaun DeWaal (Mail & Guardian - Movie of the week)

Discreet is ’n uiters welkome – en broodnodige – Suid-Afrikaanse fliek.

Jacques Liebenberg (The Beeld)

...this film ups the game, with savvy dialogue, considered performances and keen production values.

Tat Wolfen (Saturday Star)

‘DISCREET is ‘n verrassing wat aanbeveel word as jy die kronieke van twee eensame siele wil sien

wat hulle diepste oomblikke onverwags met mekaar moet deel.’

Leon van Nierop


DISCREET has received some rave reviews in the press and is currently outperforming comparative films on the local circuit!

Thank-you to everyone who has supported the film and spread the word.

Due to festive film releases and limited screen space DISCREET is going to be to be off some screens for the following week

but will be returning next week Friday due to popular demand.

So for the following week DISCREET will continue to screen at the NuMetro commercial cinema in Hyde Park, Jhb (28 Nov – 5 Dec).

From next week Friday, the 5th, DISCREET will return to the NOUVEAU screens at Brooklyn,

V&A Waterfront (where it has been holding the #3 position) as well as other Nouveau sites in Jhb.

So watch the press for more scheduling details and keep an eye out for a great article on the film

in next week Sunday’s edition of the Sunday Independent.



Check out the CINEMA TRAILER on the DISCREET website


There's a great article on DISCREET in this months edition of FILM FINESSE, which you can pick up at Nouveau cinemas countrywide. Posters are also going up this week and if you'd like a big screen taste of what's to come, look out for the trailer screening before most of the new features.



Earlier in the month we found oursleves playing dress up, wearing make-up and prancing around the refurbished THE ROSEBANK hotel for our publicity shoot. It's a tough job but...

Adelle Jung, make-up artist of wonder even got to dolly-up director Joshua Rous and the scary thing was that he didn't seem to really mind.

Behind the lens, photographer Justin Barlow did his best to make Josh, James and Meren look as good as possible, whilst not having enough memory cards to take photos of Anel who, dressed by Colette Palin designs, looked stunning!

Check the local press over the next month for coverage featuring the photos. Or you can see bigger versions on the FACEBOOK group.



This week sees DISCREET enter it's final stages of post production. After picture lock was completed we entered the process of Grading (making the pictures pretty) with Yoav Dagan from TINT Post Production.

Although shooting on SI-2K EVE HD camera gave us endless headaches on set, we are sooo happy with the picture quality which it has delivered. Yoav from TINT has worked tirelessly to create a look which we believe will really continue to lift the bar in SA with regards to feature films! To get an idea of what the film's gonna look like, catch the trailer in Nouveau cineams nationwide this month. Thanks to Odette from Videolab and the team from Filmlab with all their help in transferring the trailer to film!


They say, if a film sounds bad, it looks bad and that's where CUT AND PASTE GENERATION come in. One of the top Dolby studios in the country, Cut and Paste have been cleaning up the dialogue, adding SFX and creating a beautiful score (music) to match the stunning visuals.

Engineer Jim Petrak (who recently became a father - congrats, Jim!) has done a sterling job in tidying up the sound and mixing it to make sure that audiences hear every word and feel every emotion.

Award winning composer, Alun Richards has crafted a score better than we could hope for and it has been an amazing experience to see (or hear) how good music makes a story great!

We'd also like to say thanks to Lauren Bond from Cut 'n Paste who's kept all of us creative types on a tight leash and pushed us towards completion. A whip and a smile!

Discreet in Intimacy / Intiem Magazine...

Check out the latest edition of 'Intiem / Intimacy' magazine for a great article about DISCREET. The buzz continues...


We are very excited to announce that STER-KINEKOR will be releasing Discreet on the

14th of November 2008 at cinemas countrywide!

Where we're at...

With the cut finally being locked, we're able to move onto the last (well almost) and polishing stages of the film.We will be grading the film with the help of a company called TINT who are familiar with the progressive technology we used to film Discreet.
At the same time, we will be scoring music for the film and doing the sound edit with the help of local composer Alun Richards from Cut & Paste Generation.We are very excited to have these two exceptional talents working on the film and believe they will continue to raise the bar of excellence which Discreet has been striving to reach from the first day of pre-production.

The Cut is locked...!

Yes, believe it cos it's not a lie, Discreet has finally reached picture lock stage (which is to stay that the picture is now finally edited to completion).

It has been a long and arduos process which Stefan and Josh have slogged through. It's been worth it though as we believe the final version of the film is looking great.

The two test screenings were obviously a great help and supplied us with valuable feedback as to how best meet the audiences expectations for the film. Ster-Kinekor are very pleased with how the film is looking (as are we) and can't wait to put it on the big screen!

Test Screening...

A vital part of any film-making process is gauging audience response and the best way to do this is through test screenings.

Earlier in the year, Discreet was shown at two independent test screenings in Jhb and audiences were asked to fill in feedback forms about the movie.

We are proud to say that on average, the film scored an 80% favourable response across all age and sex groups. Needless to say, Ster-Kinekor, were very happy with this result and believes that it bodes well for the film's release later in the year!


The editing process continues and we will be keeping you up to date on how the film is coming together.

Lookout for a spread in MENSE magazine next week! We'll also be uploading pics of recent publicity coverage on the Diaries site soon - www.discreetdiaries.blogspot.com .

And... If you're a FACEBOOK user (addict), search for the newly created 'Discreet' group and join the madness!


It's with great pleasure that we invite all the current Associate Producers and Sponsors to join us for the official WRAP PARTY on the 20th of June in Rosebank!
Come and join us for a cocktail and be the first to see entertaining behind the scenes footage as well as the trailer of the film you helped make a reality.
We would also like to open the invitation to anyone interested in coming on board as an Associate Producer. Please contact our production office on scramble@telkomsa.net for more information about the event!

The Project

Discreet – The Movie:

Monique has always been able to give her clients exactly what they’ve wanted. Thomas has always been exactly what everyone else has expected. Tonight though, Thomas’ curiosity is going to get the better of him while demanding of Monique the one thing she’s reluctant to offer.

The only thing she’s not selling is honesty.
“ . . . a re-evaluation of your ideas about love, intimacy and sex, with a dash of good comedic timing” - Marenet Jordaan (Rapport)
“ Refreshingly clever theatre” - Nicholas Ellenbogen, Theatre for Africa
“Humorous, emotional and thought provoking” - R. Bowles (Cue 2005)
“Beautifully crafted characters whose pain and awkwardness is honest, natural and often funny” - Melanie Ncube (Cue 2006)

The Adventure!

Having won 6 SAFTA awards in the TV category (including Best Writing Team and Best Sitcom) and with Joshua Rous having scooped up the award for Best Director in the Short Film category, Black Brain Pictures are confidently venturing into the full length feature film arena.

Joining them on this exciting endeavour is the Scramble Productions team comprising of celebrity couple, James and Anel Alexander. James (Project Fame, Heartlines-The Bet) and Anel (7de Laan, Amalia 2 and Crystal Award Nominee for Best Newcomer) took time off from their busy shooting schedule on the popular M-Net drama, Binnelanders, to commit their performances as the characters Monique and Thomas to film.

Black Brain Pictures and Scramble productions invite you to become a part of the magical world of movie making. Building on the success of the smartly written play, Discreet Upmarket 24/7, the two production companies shot the feature film version in April 2007. It’s not too late to see your name in the credits!

A Film about Honesty... Honestly.

Sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people. For Monique the prostitute and Thomas the Christian, that journey begins tonight.

Thomas is going to do it, something he never imagined he would. Something he can only hope, none of his family and friends ever find out about. He is going to pay top dollar to ‘visit’ the most discreet, upmarket call girl he can find.

Monique prepares herself for another client. What will she have to be tonight? Nymphomaniac, innocent school girl or just a shoulder for some poor man to cry on? Whatever it is, she’s ready to fulfil the fantasy.

But Thomas isn’t her typical client and Monique finds herself struggling to give him exactly what he wants. Throughout the course of the evening the tension, emotional and sexual, builds as the two characters miss each other on the surface, whilst underneath it all, they connect in a way neither had expected or hoped for.

In a society that promotes sexual promiscuity and where true honesty is a rare commodity, Monique and Thomas take the audience on a funny, poignant and brutal journey of self-examination.

In the tradition of popular art house films like Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, and with films like Closer successfully translating from stage to screen, Black Brain Pictures and Scramble Productions have partnered to turn an hour long piece of riveting theatre into a feature length film for millions of viewers.

Where it Came From, Where it's Going...

In early 2005, James Alexander and Joshua Rous started working on an idea for a play which had been in James’ mind for a couple of years. It was the simple concept of a conversation about love, faith, honesty and deceit between a cynic and a romantic.

After spending a great deal of time researching their scenario and more importantly the characters, they started putting together a play that offers a voyeuristic, revealing glimpse into the minds of both the characters, Monique, a high class call girl and Thomas, her conservative, Christian client.

Not many people are familiar with the world of high class escorts. As opposed to the typical girl on the street, these ladies are generally intelligent, high earning courtesans who have entered this line of work by choice rather than by circumstance.

Dr Elna McIntosh, a renowned clinical sexologist, who worked for 5 years with the ladies at the notorious ‘Ranch’ in Johannesburg, and sexologist, Marlene Wasserman, were a vital gateway of insight into the character of Monique. The team has also spent a lot of time talking to working girls in Johannesburg, most of whom were very willing to share some of the more intimate details of the life of Monique. They also offered insightful views into the minds of their clients, having encountered more than one Thomas in their careers.

3 months and 12 drafts later, Discreet Upmarket 24/7 hit the stage and was an instant success. The play went on to tour Pretoria, Grahamstown, Kimberley and Oudtshoorn in both English and Afrikaans, consistently reaching into the hearts and minds of audiences with its poignant honesty.

It seemed a simple step to the next logical conclusion: “Let’s let this be what it was always supposed to be – a full length feature film.” All heads around the table nodded and it was agreed that in April of 2007, Discreet would be filmed.

Understanding the Process

Marketing & Distribution Plan:

Discreet, as with any other film, will make its money back through distribution deals. We have put together a marketing plan for the film to ensure that it achieves effective distribution both locally and internationally. There is a very specific path that a film must follow to ensure maximum profitability through distribution:

· Cinema Release
· DVD Sales
· DVD Rentals
· Pay Channel Release
· Government / Free to Air Channels
· Alternative mediums, ie Internet (Streaming Movies), Mobile devices etc.

For more information on the distribution process, see "More on Understanding the Process".

Film Festivals:

Film festivals form a vital part of a film’s marketing campaign. It’s at these events where one picks up accolades and every award makes the picture more marketable. Film festivals also help to increase awareness of the film both locally and internationally, and this is where distributors often express interest in your product. Amongst others, we intend to have a presence at:

· Sundance International Film Festival (USA)
· Cannes International Film Festival (France)
· Berlin International Film Festival (Germany)
· Venice International Film Festival (Italy)
· Toronto International Film Festival (Canada)
· Gothenburg International Film Festival (Sweden)
· Durban International Film Festival (South Africa)
· Cape Town International Film Festival (South Africa)

For more detail on the various film festivals, see "More on Understanding the Process"

Film Markets:

Beyond the festivals, film markets are specifically geared for the buying and selling of films. Sundance International Film Festival (USA) and Sithengi (South Africa) are marketplaces we will be seen at and we will continue to target film markets until we believe we have found the best deal for our product internationally.

For more on Sundance and Sithengi, see "More on Understanding the Process".

The Bottomline.

There are a host of reasons for wanting to involve yourself in a film project. The potential financial returns are, of course, appealing. Perhaps you are looking to be a part of furthering the SA film industry, or boosting the careers of some of its upcoming stars or maybe to have had a hand in the business development of one of the country’s top production houses. Then again, maybe you just want to be able to say at a dinner party one night, ‘Oh ja, Discreet, I produced that film.’

Apart from investing in a story which has already proven itself as a stage play, moving audiences around the country, you will be investing in a team comprising the hottest young talent in SA.

Behind and in front of the camera, this team has what it takes to produce quality entertainment of international standards. Our energy, time, talents and personal funds are being dedicated to the success of Discreet, to make sure that it will be a movie which can stand next to the best the world has to offer.

If you’re ready to get on board, the info you need is at the bottom of this document (Means of Transferring funds) and if you’d like a read through the script itself, feel free to contact us.

Let’s make a movie!


or call:
011 327 3270/2

Black Brain Pictures !

Absence of Colour, Presence of Mind.

Black Brain Pictures is committed to producing international quality television and film productions in highly innovative formats with an emphasis on story telling, for the South African market.

Founded in 2004 by company members Mandla Ndimande, Tumi Masemola, Meren Reddy, Luke Rous, Cuz Lindsay and Joshua Rous, BBP has achieved its goal of becoming a one stop production house. From conceptualizing and creating unique products for the television and film markets, through the scripting phase all the way to post-production.

BBP's first sitcom, City Ses'La, (6 time SAFTA award winning) became the most watched comedy property in South Africa with over 3.5 million viewers. As a result of this it was re-commissioned for a further two seasons. SABC also acknowledged the strength of BBP’s writing team and has now commissioned them to branch out in to the drama genre.

Their first short film, Sibahle, for M-NET, garnered multiple SAFTA nominations and saw Joshua Rous walk away with a Golden Horn for Best Director. Working with M-Net also allowed the company to delve into reality TV in the form of the channels new show Culture Shock.

BBP has fast seen a need for their creative voice in the world of South African television and now aims to branch out into hour long dramas and feature films. Their commitment to excellence in story telling, and the pioneering of new formats for South African talent to be exposed to the international markets, is of paramount importance.

Above all this they seek to consistently generate quality products, first for South Africans and secondly for the international market, founded on integrity and cultural relevance.

Scramble Productions !

Fresh, inspiring, local flavoured products

Scramble Productions is a young, dynamic South African production company which has been contributing to the entertainment industry for over 4 years now. With a strong focus on theatre, they have produced both commercial and corporate projects, servicing clients like SAA and Hollard Insurance. Their first hit play, Scramble, is still in demand 4 years after its first performance.

With a host of successful productions behind them, Scramble Productions now aims to further increase their contribution towards local theatre, whilst branching out into TV and Film.

They bring to this project a sharp acumen for popular opinion, a passion for ground-breaking new entertainment, and all the weight of their combined reputations as two of South Africa's hottest young talents.

With a focus on quality, broad appeal and a vision to find and tell stories which inspire and bring hope, Scramble Productions is excited about the mark they are making on the South African entertainment industry!

More on Understanding the Process…

As mentioned before, this is the route Discreet will follow to ensure maximum distribution and profitability.

Marketing & Distribution Plan:

Cinema Release:
Box-Office profits are where most films make their first return. We believe that Discreet is going to appeal largely to the type of audiences associated with Ster Kinekor’s Cinema Nouveau market. Ster Kinekor has already expressed interest in Black Brain Pictures and their latest venture. Due to the profile of the two leading actors, we are pushing for commercial cinema release in selective locations as well. Rival distributor Nu-Metro will also be approached before a final decision is made.

DVD Sales:
Once the film’s run has come to an end on the local circuit, distribution will be negotiated with retail based outlets ie Look and Listen, CD Warehouse etc as well as online companies such as Kalahari.net. DVD sales account for a large part of a film’s profitability these days as the advent of home theatre experiences continue to grow. DVD’s also offer viewers added extras such as behind the scenes footage.

DVD Rentals:
Generally, DVD rental agreements are part of the package negotiated with the cinema distributors. The profit from this outlet is thus incorporated into the deal with the cinema distributor.

Pay Channel Release:
By this time, most direct sales options have been exhausted and it’s only then that one offers licensing agreements to local broadcasters. One will always target the premium pay channels first. Black Brain Pictures and Scramble Productions already have working relationships with Africa’s biggest Pay TV provider, M-Net, and will be offering them a licensing deal.

Government / Free to Air Channels:
After the pay channel license has expired the film will be offered to free to air channels such as the SABC or E-TV. Having already provided content for SABC, Black Brain Pictures have an existing working relationship with the channel through which they can negotiate the licensing of Discreet.

Alternative mediums, ie Internet (Streaming Movies), Mobile devices etc:
With the advent of technology, more and more outlets for entertainment are being devised and utilised. Being young companies, Black Brain Pictures and Scramble Productions embrace these new formats and will look to capitalise on the opportunity they present wherever possible.

Film Festivals:

Amongst others, we intend to have a presence at the following festivals and film markets:

Sundance International Film Festival (USA):
Perhaps the most famous International Film Festival for independent film makers. This is the festival which helped catapult independent films such as Napoleon Dynamite to international success.

Cannes International Film Festival (France):
The prestigious Cannes Film Festival is definitely where you want to be seen. The cream of international buyers do not miss this event.

Berlin International Film Festival (Germany):
Providing a platform for film-makers since 1951, the jury at this festival places special emphasis on representing films from all over the world. The South African film U-Carmen e-Khayelitsha was the winner of the prestigious Golden Bear award for Best Film in 2005.

Venice International Film Festival (Italy):
It’s the oldest film festival in the world having started in 1932.

Toronto International Film Festival (Canada):
Toronto is the world’s largest film festival open to the general public. It’s also the festival which most of the big Hollywood studios use to start the Oscar buzz around their latest projects.

Gothenburg International Film Festival (Sweden):
With Afro-Swedish documentary film making couple, Hanli and Stefan Sundloff-Prinsloo assisting as creative script editors for Discreet, targeting this festival was a given.

Durban International Film Festival (South Africa):
Apart from offering filmmaker workshops, industry seminars, discussion forums, and outreach activities, this festival is often used as an opportunity to premiere local productions.

Cape Town International Film Festival (South Africa):
This film festival was created in 1995 with the view of exposing local talent and films to the international market. This festival is high on our list of priorities.

Film Markets:

Sundance International Film Festival:
As mentioned above, Sundance has become a premiere destination for film –makers the world over.

Africa’s largest film market and a local platform to launch SA films into the international arena. Interest was already expressed in Discreet at the 2006 festival by a well known French director.

What the team has to say...

“Coming from a cinematic background I’d always thought of Discreet Upmarket, 24/7 as a film. From writing to blocking to performance, this was always going to be an incredibly intimate piece of theatre. To get to make it into a movie is like fulfilling what this project was always meant to be.”
- Joshua Rous, Director

“With Josh having just won the SAFTA for Best Short Film Director, we can’t wait to get our resources behind him to see what he’ll do with a full length project.”
- Mandla Ndimande, Producer

“Of course we’re expecting Discreet to make an impression at the SAFTA’s once it’s released. Not because we’ve ever done anything for the accolades, but because we’re passionate about our work and that’s always what’s gotten noticed.”
- Meren Reddy, Producer

“The play is so intimate that sometimes we feel we could perform to just 10 people; that we could almost put them in the lounge with the characters and it would be even more powerful. With the film, we’ll finally be able to do just that.”
- James Alexander, Actor

“James and Anel have such great chemistry between them—something which is not often seen on stage or screen when it comes to married couples—it’s electric, and on film it’s going to be even more so.”
- Joshua Rous, Director

“Working with Josh is such a treat. He is the consummate professional, but our strong personal relationship with him allows us to trust him unquestionably. No doubt this trust has allowed us to take these two characters to a point of brutal honesty and emotional vulnerability.”
- Anel Alexander, Actress

So, You Want to be in the Movies...

We're here to help! With the success of small films like My Big Fat Greek Wedding and The Blair Witch Project bringing in well over 2000% return on investment (see graph below), the independent feature film industry is fast becoming a vital part of creating some of the most cutting edge art of our day and age.

After Tsotsi’s Oscar win and Elalini’s student Oscar, there’s a renewed excitement in the local film industry. South African films are exploding onto the international feature film market and it's not too late for you to become an active partner in catapulting South African films into the global arena.

From an investment point of view, Discreet, as a feature length film project, is attractive on a number of fronts:

- Audience response to the stage play has proven that the story works. The medium of film allows the story to be even more engaging.
- The team you will be aligning yourself with have a proven track record both in front of and behind the camera.
- The setting of Discreet makes it extremely affordable to film. 2 main characters, 1 main location and a riveting script means that more money is available to improve the ‘look & feel’ of the film.
- This film has been shot. This is not one of those projects which just gets spoken about, but never materialises. Editing has already commenced, so get onboard now before you miss the boat.

It’s not every day that one gets the opportunity to be involved in a project which will generate a lot of public interest, not only locally but abroad too. The trick is always in deciding which project is the right one for you.

If you are looking for a gripping story, a skilled production team which produces to international standards and a final product which will be classy and timeless, then this is the project for you.

Honestly though, we know the real reason you want to get involved with us is so you can tell your friends you're a big time movie producer hanging out with famous celebrities… We’re okay with that too.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Directed by Zwick & Vardalos (2002)
Budget - $1 000 000+ Grossed - $220 000 000

The Blair Witch Project: Directed by Myrich & Sanchez (1999)
Budget - $20 000 Grossed - $150 000 000

The Full Monty: Directed by Cattaneo & Beaufoy (1997)
Budget - $2 000 000 Grossed - $70 000 000

Sliding Doors: Directed by Peter Howitt (1998)
Budget - $3 000 000 Grossed - $60 000 000

Sex, lies and videotape: Directed by Steven Soderbergh (1989)
Budget - $1 000 000 Grossed - $50 000 000

Clerks: Directed by Kevin Smith (1994)
Budget - $22 000 Grossed - $15 000 000

In the Company of Men: Directed by Neil LaBute (1997)
Budget - $25 000 Grossed - $5 000 000

How You can be Involved !

“Discreet – The Movie CC” (The Company) is a closed corporation that is being set up specifically for the purpose of making a film of the play. The company will be run by production partners Black Brain Pictures CC and the partnership Scramble Productions.

Black Brain Pictures and Scramble Productions have already committed R 1 Million to the project. They have put together a mechanism, with assistance from their lawyers at 'Rosin Wright Rosengarten', to enable outside investors to become involved in the production. Investors would in this regard, come on board as associate producers on the project.

As an Associate Producer, you will be entitled to:

- An end credit.
- A VIP seat at the premiere screening.
- A Collectors Edition DVD copy of the completed film.
- And last but certainly not least, a guaranteed share in all profits made.

Minimum investment in the project starts at R 5000. Profit will be distributed accordingly:

Profit Participation...

First Position:

Investors will be in the first position of profit takers to recoup their investment out of profits. This means that for every R 5000.00 that an investor has loaned The CC, he/she will be the first in line to recoup his/her initial loan as well as profits before the other profits are split. (Please read the legal terms and conditions under no.14 to ensure that you understand the process).

Interest Return:

In addition to the above we offer you interest on your investment at 15% (which is the current prime rate plus 2%).

Profit Share:

In regards to profit once all the expenses, loan accounts, interest accounts and other liabilities of the CC have been paid, the profit will thereafter be proportioned according to each person’s pro-rata share.

Please familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions found at the end of this page under "Means of Trasnferring Funds'.

The Creative Team

Joshua Rous:
Writer & Director

Joshua Rous is an award winning Writer/Director who has worked and studied in both theatre and film in South Africa, Oxford, Boston and Los Angeles. Having attained his Master of Fine Arts in Film Production from the University of Southern California he worked for a year as an editor and director in Hollywood.

Joshua’s music video Tragic Laughter, commissioned by Yo Yo Ma, was released by Sony Classical in May of 2005. Other achievements include winning SAFTA Golden Horns as Best Director for his short film Sibahle, Best Writing Team and Best New Sitcom for City Ses’la, and the audience award for his short film The Atkins Angels. He gained experience working with Adam Schroeder Entertainment at Warner Brothers, and has been personally mentored by Oscar winners Robert C. Jones and Mark Harris.

Josh returned to SA in 2004 and has become a Head Creative and In-House Director at Black Brain Pictures. He is currently head writing a 13 part one hour drama for SABC 3 entitled Borderline which he will direct in late 2007. Returning to South Africa to revolutionize the film industry is the culmination of many years of preparation, perseverance and passion for this young director.

Cuz Lindsay:

Cuz is a multi-talented and highly experienced line producer. She has worked in every genre of the film industry over the past 18 years for local and international companies. Recent projects include the SABC's well known Hardcopy and The Lab. Her projects have won Buscas’, Louries and awards in London and New York and more recently SAFTA Golden Horns.

The discerning eye of a painter and sculptress combined with sound budgeting and financial skills, and high-level project management experience, make her a pretty unique and eminently sound member of the team.

Anel Alexander:
Production & Performance

Anel Alexander is most known for her role as Liesl in the popular SA soapie 7de Laan.

She graduated Cum Laude from the University of Pretoria with a degree in Drama in 2002. During her time at the university she performed at the State Theatre in the musicals The Witness and Jesu-An African Portrait. She also joined theatre legend Nicholas Ellenbogen on stage at the KKNK in the play The Calitzdorp Passion.

After completing her degree, Anel was soon to be seen showing off her musical and dancing abilities in the cabaret show Blondes. It wasn’t long after that she found herself snatched up by 7de Laan to be their ‘ugly duckling turns swan beauty’, Liesl.

Since then, she’s been infront of the camera involved in well known TV shows like, Zero Tolerance 3, Amalia 2 and Hillside. In between her TV work Anel’s love for the theatre has kept her involved in many arts festival productions, most recently Bosryk where she shared the stage with the likes of Gys de Villiers. She also co-produced and performed in the popular Discreet, Upmarket, 24/7 at the Grahamstown National Artsfestival (2005 & 2006) and KKNK (2006). Anel was most recently seen in the M-Net medical drama Binnelanders.

James Alexander:
Writer & Performer

One of South Africa’s up and coming leading men, James Alexander, is a versatile performer in both English and Afrikaans. A natural talent, he has honed his skills over 6 years of working professionally and involving himself in exciting and challenging projects.

His theatre career has seen him perform in comedies such as Alan Ayckbourn’s Damsels in Distress for Pieter Toerien, to the timeless drama Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen, playing opposite the great Trix Pienaar.

On TV he has done everything from live presenting on the hit M-Net reality show Project Fame to acting in popular soapie-dramas like Binnelanders.

His voice is also very recognizable as he often finds himself behind the microphone, bringing to life the latest campaigns of some of SA’s top brands.

Film though, is where James’ real passion lies. Having played the leading role in The Eastern Bride, a Dutch / SA co-production and appearing in the BBC’s most expensive mini-series ever made, To the Ends of the Earth, James showed himself to have a captivating on-screen presence.

Continually developing himself, James started to hone his writing skills with the popular play Discreet, Upmarket, 24/7.He subsequently enjoyed being a part of the writing team for the hugely popular SABC comedy series, City Ses’La. He continues to develop stories for both theatre and TV whilst pursuing his primary passion, performing.

Meren Reddy:

Meren Reddy matriculated from the National School of the Arts with exemption after which he completed an undergraduate and post graduate degree from AFDA. He majored in Physical Performance, Performance for Film and Stage, Writing and Producing and believes that the world has too much information and that there’s too much to learn for people to be interested in just one thing.

Meren co-created City Ses'La and worked as one of the core writers on the show. Currently brokering deals with Sprite, Renault and FNB for corporates and commercials being produced by Black Brain Pictures, he is fast becoming one of the power players in South African film and television.

With various hit theater productions to his name, among them De Wet’s Dream, Baie Nice, Reddy Steady Go, and Fly, Meren is one of the authorities on top class theater. He is currently developing The Big 5, an action adventure show scheduled to be launched throughout Africa in 2008.

Mandla Ndimande:
Marketing Director

Mandla Ndimande is an ambitious young man who obtained a BA degree in producing from AFDA. Since then he has starred in four award winning MNET short films, Skitter Wit, Black Sushi, Senter and Scared instinct.

Mandla is now the Executive Producer at BBP where he has brought in work from FNB, YFM, MNET and numerous independent music labels. His talents in the music industry have led to producing the SAMA award nominated music video I life Iskorokoro by "Brothers of Peace". His own group, Gang of Instrumentals, has recently been heard at # 1 on the High 5 @ 5 with their hit track My Number One. In between all of this he is producing Black Brain’s new one hour drama, Borderline, for the SABC.

Mandla was instrumental in forming a co-production deal between BBP and Endemol SA to produce City Ses'La and not only acted in the series but was also an Associate Producer. With a silver tongue and a business savvy second to none, this is the man you want marketing your film.

Production Schedule

1 March 2007 – 30 March 2007

31 March 2007 – 18 April 2007

1 May 2007 – 30 June 2007

1July 2007 – 31 August 2007

Also to take place during 1 May 2007 – 31 August 2007:
Additional Dubbing
Scoring and Music Rights

Means of Transferring Funds

There is not a lot of time left to get involved, so if you think this is the project and team which you would like to come alongside with as an Associate Producer...


CUZ LINDSAY @ Black Brain Pictures on 011 3273270
OR E-Mail scramble@telkomsa.net

We will send you a 'Means of Transferring Funds' form and explain the process involved in securing your stake in this exciting SA filmmaking project.

The terms and conditions for coming on board as an Associate Producer are outlined below.


  • Dear Investor

    1. “Discreet – The Movie CC” (the CC) is a close corporation that is being set up specifically for the purpose of making a film of the play. Filming was concluded 16 April 2007 and the edit is scheduled to be completed in September 2007. This exciting venture is being modelled for South Africa on the successful formula applied to such independent films as My Big Fat Greek Wedding and The Blair Witch Project amongst others. This is the opportunity to participate with a team of successful youngsters in an art-circuit movie of our own.

    2. The project will be run by members of the production companies Black Brain Pictures CC and the partnership Scramble Productions both acclaimed winners in the South African Entertainment Industry

    3. The CC wishes to approach you as an investor to participate in the funding of the film. In this regard the CC needs to raise 50% of the production budget from third party investors.

    4. The CC plans to raise R 1 million by means of issuing 200 units (in the form of loans) of
    R 5000.00 each in order to produce the film.

    5. In return for your loan to “Discreet – The Movie CC”, you will receive in addition to your unit participation and rights :
    5.1. An end-credit as an associate producer on the movie;
    5.2. A ticket to the premiere; and
    5.3. A Collectors DVD of the final cut of the movie.

    6. Accordingly you hereby agree to the terms and conditions outlined in clause 7 below: to loan the CC R5000.00 or multiples thereof for the purposes of producing “The Movie – Discreet”. In return for your R5000.00 you will receive the following:

    6.1 The perks as outlined in clause 5 above.
    6.2 Your initial capital as a portion of the share of the profits as defined below along with all other profits
    6.3 Interest at a rate of 15% being the current prime rate plus 2%
    6.4 A pro-rata share of the profits in line with your loan account

    7. Notwithstanding the above, you understand and accept the risks involved in film making and hereby agree that:
    7.1 The film may require further funding. In this regard, should further funding be required your profit share in the film will be diluted in line with all further investors in the film on a pro-rata basis.
    7.2 You will receive a return on your investment in the form of gross profits during the first two years of the release of the film (on all formats). Such return shall be calculated after the expenses of the film have been recouped which shall include but not be limited to sales agents commission, distribution commission, primary funders rights or other expenses associated with the shooting, production, cutting and editing of the film as well as usual expenses in the setting up and running of the CC. The gross profits will be distributed on a pari passu basis to all shareholders in terms of a dividend payable by the CC.
    7.3 Copyright in and to the film shall vest in the CC for all purposes throughout the world and in all media and you hereby waive any rights of veto, security or lien you may have in respect of copyright on the film or the masters or prints of the film including out-takes, edited versions, digital files and the like.
    7.4 To the extent necessary, you hereby assign all rights in copyright you may have to the CC.
    7.5 You agree that the primary asset of the CC is the film and accordingly, the CC may need to cede or assign the rights in and to the film to a third party for the purposes of selling, distributing or licensing the film.
    7.6 You hereby agree that the CC is entitled to cede, assign, alienate or license the film to any third party as it chooses in its sole discretion.
    7.7. The company will be run by the successful entrepreneurs: Anel Alexander, James Alexander, Tumi Masemola, Mandla Ndimande, Cuz Lindsay, Meren Reddy, Luke Rous and Joshua Rous and they shall be entitled to sign any document, assign and participate in any transaction they in their sole discretion feel is appropriate and necessary for the purposes of making, financing, producing and distributing the film.
    7.8 You acknowledge and agree that film making has a business risk element and nothing in this agreement should be construed as a guarantee that the film will be profitable. In the event that the film is not made, the CC will be wound up and any assets in the company will be distributed in the usual course of such winding up. You further acknowledge and agree in the event of such winding up, that you may not recoup your entire initial investment nor any interest as these may have formed part of the expenses incurred in running the CC.
    7.9 Nothing in this document should be construed to imply or be interpreted to mean that you will recoup your original R5000.00 investment or receive any return thereon. However, once the expenses have been paid, you, the investor, will receive repayment of the loan plus interest prior to any profits being distributed.

    Our energy, time, talents and personal funds are being dedicated to the success of making the movie Discreet. Please join us in bringing this fabulous project to fruition!