So, You Want to be in the Movies...

We're here to help! With the success of small films like My Big Fat Greek Wedding and The Blair Witch Project bringing in well over 2000% return on investment (see graph below), the independent feature film industry is fast becoming a vital part of creating some of the most cutting edge art of our day and age.

After Tsotsi’s Oscar win and Elalini’s student Oscar, there’s a renewed excitement in the local film industry. South African films are exploding onto the international feature film market and it's not too late for you to become an active partner in catapulting South African films into the global arena.

From an investment point of view, Discreet, as a feature length film project, is attractive on a number of fronts:

- Audience response to the stage play has proven that the story works. The medium of film allows the story to be even more engaging.
- The team you will be aligning yourself with have a proven track record both in front of and behind the camera.
- The setting of Discreet makes it extremely affordable to film. 2 main characters, 1 main location and a riveting script means that more money is available to improve the ‘look & feel’ of the film.
- This film has been shot. This is not one of those projects which just gets spoken about, but never materialises. Editing has already commenced, so get onboard now before you miss the boat.

It’s not every day that one gets the opportunity to be involved in a project which will generate a lot of public interest, not only locally but abroad too. The trick is always in deciding which project is the right one for you.

If you are looking for a gripping story, a skilled production team which produces to international standards and a final product which will be classy and timeless, then this is the project for you.

Honestly though, we know the real reason you want to get involved with us is so you can tell your friends you're a big time movie producer hanging out with famous celebrities… We’re okay with that too.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Directed by Zwick & Vardalos (2002)
Budget - $1 000 000+ Grossed - $220 000 000

The Blair Witch Project: Directed by Myrich & Sanchez (1999)
Budget - $20 000 Grossed - $150 000 000

The Full Monty: Directed by Cattaneo & Beaufoy (1997)
Budget - $2 000 000 Grossed - $70 000 000

Sliding Doors: Directed by Peter Howitt (1998)
Budget - $3 000 000 Grossed - $60 000 000

Sex, lies and videotape: Directed by Steven Soderbergh (1989)
Budget - $1 000 000 Grossed - $50 000 000

Clerks: Directed by Kevin Smith (1994)
Budget - $22 000 Grossed - $15 000 000

In the Company of Men: Directed by Neil LaBute (1997)
Budget - $25 000 Grossed - $5 000 000