The Bottomline.

There are a host of reasons for wanting to involve yourself in a film project. The potential financial returns are, of course, appealing. Perhaps you are looking to be a part of furthering the SA film industry, or boosting the careers of some of its upcoming stars or maybe to have had a hand in the business development of one of the country’s top production houses. Then again, maybe you just want to be able to say at a dinner party one night, ‘Oh ja, Discreet, I produced that film.’

Apart from investing in a story which has already proven itself as a stage play, moving audiences around the country, you will be investing in a team comprising the hottest young talent in SA.

Behind and in front of the camera, this team has what it takes to produce quality entertainment of international standards. Our energy, time, talents and personal funds are being dedicated to the success of Discreet, to make sure that it will be a movie which can stand next to the best the world has to offer.

If you’re ready to get on board, the info you need is at the bottom of this document (Means of Transferring funds) and if you’d like a read through the script itself, feel free to contact us.

Let’s make a movie!


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