Understanding the Process

Marketing & Distribution Plan:

Discreet, as with any other film, will make its money back through distribution deals. We have put together a marketing plan for the film to ensure that it achieves effective distribution both locally and internationally. There is a very specific path that a film must follow to ensure maximum profitability through distribution:

· Cinema Release
· DVD Sales
· DVD Rentals
· Pay Channel Release
· Government / Free to Air Channels
· Alternative mediums, ie Internet (Streaming Movies), Mobile devices etc.

For more information on the distribution process, see "More on Understanding the Process".

Film Festivals:

Film festivals form a vital part of a film’s marketing campaign. It’s at these events where one picks up accolades and every award makes the picture more marketable. Film festivals also help to increase awareness of the film both locally and internationally, and this is where distributors often express interest in your product. Amongst others, we intend to have a presence at:

· Sundance International Film Festival (USA)
· Cannes International Film Festival (France)
· Berlin International Film Festival (Germany)
· Venice International Film Festival (Italy)
· Toronto International Film Festival (Canada)
· Gothenburg International Film Festival (Sweden)
· Durban International Film Festival (South Africa)
· Cape Town International Film Festival (South Africa)

For more detail on the various film festivals, see "More on Understanding the Process"

Film Markets:

Beyond the festivals, film markets are specifically geared for the buying and selling of films. Sundance International Film Festival (USA) and Sithengi (South Africa) are marketplaces we will be seen at and we will continue to target film markets until we believe we have found the best deal for our product internationally.

For more on Sundance and Sithengi, see "More on Understanding the Process".