A Film about Honesty... Honestly.

Sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people. For Monique the prostitute and Thomas the Christian, that journey begins tonight.

Thomas is going to do it, something he never imagined he would. Something he can only hope, none of his family and friends ever find out about. He is going to pay top dollar to ‘visit’ the most discreet, upmarket call girl he can find.

Monique prepares herself for another client. What will she have to be tonight? Nymphomaniac, innocent school girl or just a shoulder for some poor man to cry on? Whatever it is, she’s ready to fulfil the fantasy.

But Thomas isn’t her typical client and Monique finds herself struggling to give him exactly what he wants. Throughout the course of the evening the tension, emotional and sexual, builds as the two characters miss each other on the surface, whilst underneath it all, they connect in a way neither had expected or hoped for.

In a society that promotes sexual promiscuity and where true honesty is a rare commodity, Monique and Thomas take the audience on a funny, poignant and brutal journey of self-examination.

In the tradition of popular art house films like Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, and with films like Closer successfully translating from stage to screen, Black Brain Pictures and Scramble Productions have partnered to turn an hour long piece of riveting theatre into a feature length film for millions of viewers.