How You can be Involved !

“Discreet – The Movie CC” (The Company) is a closed corporation that is being set up specifically for the purpose of making a film of the play. The company will be run by production partners Black Brain Pictures CC and the partnership Scramble Productions.

Black Brain Pictures and Scramble Productions have already committed R 1 Million to the project. They have put together a mechanism, with assistance from their lawyers at 'Rosin Wright Rosengarten', to enable outside investors to become involved in the production. Investors would in this regard, come on board as associate producers on the project.

As an Associate Producer, you will be entitled to:

- An end credit.
- A VIP seat at the premiere screening.
- A Collectors Edition DVD copy of the completed film.
- And last but certainly not least, a guaranteed share in all profits made.

Minimum investment in the project starts at R 5000. Profit will be distributed accordingly:

Profit Participation...

First Position:

Investors will be in the first position of profit takers to recoup their investment out of profits. This means that for every R 5000.00 that an investor has loaned The CC, he/she will be the first in line to recoup his/her initial loan as well as profits before the other profits are split. (Please read the legal terms and conditions under no.14 to ensure that you understand the process).

Interest Return:

In addition to the above we offer you interest on your investment at 15% (which is the current prime rate plus 2%).

Profit Share:

In regards to profit once all the expenses, loan accounts, interest accounts and other liabilities of the CC have been paid, the profit will thereafter be proportioned according to each person’s pro-rata share.

Please familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions found at the end of this page under "Means of Trasnferring Funds'.