The Project

Discreet – The Movie:

Monique has always been able to give her clients exactly what they’ve wanted. Thomas has always been exactly what everyone else has expected. Tonight though, Thomas’ curiosity is going to get the better of him while demanding of Monique the one thing she’s reluctant to offer.

The only thing she’s not selling is honesty.
“ . . . a re-evaluation of your ideas about love, intimacy and sex, with a dash of good comedic timing” - Marenet Jordaan (Rapport)
“ Refreshingly clever theatre” - Nicholas Ellenbogen, Theatre for Africa
“Humorous, emotional and thought provoking” - R. Bowles (Cue 2005)
“Beautifully crafted characters whose pain and awkwardness is honest, natural and often funny” - Melanie Ncube (Cue 2006)