More on Understanding the Process…

As mentioned before, this is the route Discreet will follow to ensure maximum distribution and profitability.

Marketing & Distribution Plan:

Cinema Release:
Box-Office profits are where most films make their first return. We believe that Discreet is going to appeal largely to the type of audiences associated with Ster Kinekor’s Cinema Nouveau market. Ster Kinekor has already expressed interest in Black Brain Pictures and their latest venture. Due to the profile of the two leading actors, we are pushing for commercial cinema release in selective locations as well. Rival distributor Nu-Metro will also be approached before a final decision is made.

DVD Sales:
Once the film’s run has come to an end on the local circuit, distribution will be negotiated with retail based outlets ie Look and Listen, CD Warehouse etc as well as online companies such as DVD sales account for a large part of a film’s profitability these days as the advent of home theatre experiences continue to grow. DVD’s also offer viewers added extras such as behind the scenes footage.

DVD Rentals:
Generally, DVD rental agreements are part of the package negotiated with the cinema distributors. The profit from this outlet is thus incorporated into the deal with the cinema distributor.

Pay Channel Release:
By this time, most direct sales options have been exhausted and it’s only then that one offers licensing agreements to local broadcasters. One will always target the premium pay channels first. Black Brain Pictures and Scramble Productions already have working relationships with Africa’s biggest Pay TV provider, M-Net, and will be offering them a licensing deal.

Government / Free to Air Channels:
After the pay channel license has expired the film will be offered to free to air channels such as the SABC or E-TV. Having already provided content for SABC, Black Brain Pictures have an existing working relationship with the channel through which they can negotiate the licensing of Discreet.

Alternative mediums, ie Internet (Streaming Movies), Mobile devices etc:
With the advent of technology, more and more outlets for entertainment are being devised and utilised. Being young companies, Black Brain Pictures and Scramble Productions embrace these new formats and will look to capitalise on the opportunity they present wherever possible.

Film Festivals:

Amongst others, we intend to have a presence at the following festivals and film markets:

Sundance International Film Festival (USA):
Perhaps the most famous International Film Festival for independent film makers. This is the festival which helped catapult independent films such as Napoleon Dynamite to international success.

Cannes International Film Festival (France):
The prestigious Cannes Film Festival is definitely where you want to be seen. The cream of international buyers do not miss this event.

Berlin International Film Festival (Germany):
Providing a platform for film-makers since 1951, the jury at this festival places special emphasis on representing films from all over the world. The South African film U-Carmen e-Khayelitsha was the winner of the prestigious Golden Bear award for Best Film in 2005.

Venice International Film Festival (Italy):
It’s the oldest film festival in the world having started in 1932.

Toronto International Film Festival (Canada):
Toronto is the world’s largest film festival open to the general public. It’s also the festival which most of the big Hollywood studios use to start the Oscar buzz around their latest projects.

Gothenburg International Film Festival (Sweden):
With Afro-Swedish documentary film making couple, Hanli and Stefan Sundloff-Prinsloo assisting as creative script editors for Discreet, targeting this festival was a given.

Durban International Film Festival (South Africa):
Apart from offering filmmaker workshops, industry seminars, discussion forums, and outreach activities, this festival is often used as an opportunity to premiere local productions.

Cape Town International Film Festival (South Africa):
This film festival was created in 1995 with the view of exposing local talent and films to the international market. This festival is high on our list of priorities.

Film Markets:

Sundance International Film Festival:
As mentioned above, Sundance has become a premiere destination for film –makers the world over.

Africa’s largest film market and a local platform to launch SA films into the international arena. Interest was already expressed in Discreet at the 2006 festival by a well known French director.