What the team has to say...

“Coming from a cinematic background I’d always thought of Discreet Upmarket, 24/7 as a film. From writing to blocking to performance, this was always going to be an incredibly intimate piece of theatre. To get to make it into a movie is like fulfilling what this project was always meant to be.”
- Joshua Rous, Director

“With Josh having just won the SAFTA for Best Short Film Director, we can’t wait to get our resources behind him to see what he’ll do with a full length project.”
- Mandla Ndimande, Producer

“Of course we’re expecting Discreet to make an impression at the SAFTA’s once it’s released. Not because we’ve ever done anything for the accolades, but because we’re passionate about our work and that’s always what’s gotten noticed.”
- Meren Reddy, Producer

“The play is so intimate that sometimes we feel we could perform to just 10 people; that we could almost put them in the lounge with the characters and it would be even more powerful. With the film, we’ll finally be able to do just that.”
- James Alexander, Actor

“James and Anel have such great chemistry between them—something which is not often seen on stage or screen when it comes to married couples—it’s electric, and on film it’s going to be even more so.”
- Joshua Rous, Director

“Working with Josh is such a treat. He is the consummate professional, but our strong personal relationship with him allows us to trust him unquestionably. No doubt this trust has allowed us to take these two characters to a point of brutal honesty and emotional vulnerability.”
- Anel Alexander, Actress