This week sees DISCREET enter it's final stages of post production. After picture lock was completed we entered the process of Grading (making the pictures pretty) with Yoav Dagan from TINT Post Production.

Although shooting on SI-2K EVE HD camera gave us endless headaches on set, we are sooo happy with the picture quality which it has delivered. Yoav from TINT has worked tirelessly to create a look which we believe will really continue to lift the bar in SA with regards to feature films! To get an idea of what the film's gonna look like, catch the trailer in Nouveau cineams nationwide this month. Thanks to Odette from Videolab and the team from Filmlab with all their help in transferring the trailer to film!


They say, if a film sounds bad, it looks bad and that's where CUT AND PASTE GENERATION come in. One of the top Dolby studios in the country, Cut and Paste have been cleaning up the dialogue, adding SFX and creating a beautiful score (music) to match the stunning visuals.

Engineer Jim Petrak (who recently became a father - congrats, Jim!) has done a sterling job in tidying up the sound and mixing it to make sure that audiences hear every word and feel every emotion.

Award winning composer, Alun Richards has crafted a score better than we could hope for and it has been an amazing experience to see (or hear) how good music makes a story great!

We'd also like to say thanks to Lauren Bond from Cut 'n Paste who's kept all of us creative types on a tight leash and pushed us towards completion. A whip and a smile!